Tips and Tricks to Design Custom Fishing Jerseys in a Unique Way

Taking the time to design your custom fishing jerseys offers a creative way to express your passion for the sport. Unique jerseys are a surefire way to make you stand out on the water, and feel proud of what you're wearing while you fish.

Whether you're on a family trip or at a tournament, TeamGear Canada has the expertise and options to help you. We'll work with you to design custom fishing jerseys that are as unique as your fishing adventures!

Ready to dive into custom design for your fishing gear? Start with TeamGear Canada here, and let's bring your unique vision to life.


Colour Choices that Enhance the Fishing Experience

Blues and Greens

Blue and green hues are excellent choices for fishing jerseys, mirroring the natural beauty of the water and surroundings. These colours blend beautifully with the aquatic environment and reflect the overall mood of fishing.

Design for custom fishing jerseys with light blue and turquoise colours and name and number on the back

Cool colours like blue and green are a perfect way to immerse themselves fully in the experience of being on the water.

Blue water tropical fish design for custom fishing jerseys


Vibrant Orange

Orange is another popular option, especially for family trips or group outings. Its high visibility ensures that everyone remains in sight. Orange jerseys or reflective high visibility patches are both stylish and practical solutions for keeping track of your group.

vibrant orange design for custom fishing jerseys

Plus, with options for kids and youth jerseys, creating a matching family set has never been easier.


Creative Elements for Custom Fishing Jerseys

Incorporating unique designs and elements into your jersey can set you apart from the crowd. Consider adding:

  • Custom Graphics: Think aquatic themes, local fish species, or even stylized hooks and lines.
  • Personal Touches: Including names, nicknames, or special numbers adds a personal flair and helps identify individual members during group outings.
  • Sponsor Logos: For those in tournaments, sponsor logos can be seamlessly integrated into the designs. That way, your team still looks professional while promoting your sponsor brands.

custom designed fishing jerseys with multiple sponsor logos on the front and down the sleeve


Choosing the Right Fabric

Our Premium Sport fabric is ideal for custom fishing jerseys, offering SPF protection to shield you from the sun's rays. This fabric choice is the most practical, keeping you safe during long hours on the water. It's also comfortable, ensuring you can focus on the fishing and not be distracted by your clothing.

fabric options for custom fishing jerseys


Custom Fishing Jerseys for Tournaments

A custom jersey is your best bet for making a lasting impression at tournaments. Beyond showcasing your team's spirit, it's an invaluable tool for branding and promotion. This unique branding opportunity is guaranteed to help make your team unforgettable both on and off the water.


TeamGear Canada: Your Partner for Seamless Custom Fishing Jersey Design

At TeamGear Canada, we're dedicated to helping you design the perfect custom fishing jerseys. With a wide range of options, we make it easy to create jerseys that reflect your style. With bright colours, you can also enhance your visibility while promoting your team and sponsors.

Looking to make a splash with custom fishing jerseys? Start your design journey with TeamGear Canada here. We'll help you create jerseys that make you stand out!


Design custom fishing jerseys with TeamGear Canada to set you apart on the water and dress proudly while you're fishing. Whether for personal enjoyment, family bonding, or competitive edge in tournaments, our custom jerseys are the best choice.

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