Top 10 Best Custom Slo-Pitch Jersey Designs from our Gallery

Top 10 Best Custom Slo-Pitch Jersey Designs from our Gallery

Slo-pitch softball isn't just about hitting homers and making great plays; it's also about looking good on the field. At TeamGear Canada, we take pride in offering a wide array of custom jersey designs that combine style, comfort, and team spirit.

Here’s a look at the top 10 best custom slo-pitch jersey designs from our gallery that have caught the eye and won the hearts of teams across the country.

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Top 10 Best Custom Slo-Pitch Jersey Designs from our Gallery

1. Outlaws

Custom Slo-Pitch jerseys for Outlaws team at Henning Park

The Outlaws designed purple sleeveless jerseys with a full button-down style, perfect for those hot summer games. This bold choice not only keeps players cool but also stands out strikingly against the green of the field.



2. Major Impact

Custom Slo-Pitch jerseys for coed team with blue and pink designs

Major Impact’s jerseys feature a unique pink and blue split design, ideal for coed teams. This vibrant contrast ensures the team all looks the same, and gets to wear colours that they like.



3. Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness custom jerseys in bright pink


We have 2 Autism Awareness designs to share. The first team included a meaningful slogan on the back of their jerseys to raise awareness for a significant cause.

Autism Awareness Custom Slo-Pitch jerseys

The other team has created an intricate puzzle design, and a prominent Autism Awareness logo across the front.




4. BFH (Bat Flip Heroes)

BFH team Custom Slo-Pitch jerseys with numbers on the bottom front and back

BFH jerseys have their team numbers on the back and the bottom front. This strategic placement means your number is visible whether your jersey is tucked in. The front bottom number also sticks out the bottom of a sweater, so everyone can see your number no matter the weather.



5. Diamond Cutters

Slo-Pitch Custom jerseys for diamond cutters team

Embracing a popular design format, the Diamond Cutters’ jerseys feature swoosh lines down the body and a printed pattern along the sides. The choice of #66 as their number adds a unique touch to their standout design.

You can read more about What Letter & Number is Used the MOST in our Custom Jerseys in our blog post.



6. Tropical Team

sunset coloured design for Custom Slo-Pitch jerseys

The Tropical Team's jerseys celebrate the art of full sublimation printing with a sunset gradient background. They blended vibrant colours to mirror the beauty of a tropical sunset. With sublimation printing you can create a gradient in any colour you’d like!



7. No Mercy

no mercy team Custom Slo-Pitch jerseys with black and purple design

No Mercy's black jerseys are splashed with a purple paint splatter design, offering a fun and unique twist to traditional custom jerseys.



8. Pink Flamingos

Pink Flamingos pinstripe Custom Slo-Pitch jerseys

The Pink Flamingos pay homage to classic baseball with their bright pink jerseys featuring pinstripes. Pinstripes are a timeless look that bring a touch of nostalgia and flair to the slo-pitch diamond.



9. MVP

MVP custom jerseys for slo pitch team at Henning Park

MVP team jerseys stand out with a background design featuring the team's logo in a repeated pattern. This creative approach reinforces the team's brand while providing a distinctive look that not many other teams will have.



10. Starks

Custom Slo-Pitch jerseys for Starks team in black with gold and white accents

The Starks team keeps it classic and simple with solid colour jerseys accented with coloured lines on the chest and sleeves. This more basic jersey design is a surefire way to keep everyone on your team happy with the design.

It’s classic and simple, and clearly displays your team name and numbers on the front and the back. This design ensures clarity for team names and numbers and offers ample space for sponsor logos.

Ready to elevate your team's style with a custom jersey? Design your custom slo-pitch jerseys with TeamGear Canada here, and let’s create a look that’s as unforgettable as your team’s performance.


Design Your Slo-Pitch Jerseys with TeamGear

From meaningful messages to fun and vibrant designs, these top 10 custom slo-pitch jersey designs showcase the creativity and spirit of teams across the board. Whether you're inspired by one of these designs or have a unique idea of your own, TeamGear Canada is here to bring your vision to life. Let's craft jerseys that not only look great but also tell your team's unique story.

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