What letter and number are most common in custom jerseys? We searched through our Canadian made custom full sublimation jerseys to find out.

What Letter & Number is Used the MOST in our Custom Jerseys?

We’ve gone through our previous orders for custom jerseys and found the most commonly used letters and numbers. Check out what we discovered below!


What letter is the most common for custom jerseys?

The most commonly used letter in our custom jerseys is the letter "S". This is mostly due to the fact that many team names end in the letter S. The letter S is also a common letter in the first and last names typically printed on our custom jerseys.


Are you looking for a team name that doesn’t end in an S? Check out our other blog posts below:


The other letters that are used the most in our custom jerseys are L, O and T - including the names of players printed on the jerseys, as well as their team names.


The least common letters, as expected, are Z and X. Although X is actually more common than Z, as it’s also a common way to end a team name, or used to make an S sound in place of an S, like the Red Sox, White Sox, and other variations of those team names.

custom jersey for softball team made in Canada


If you're looking for a unique twist on your team name, you can also use a Z in place of an S to make your team name plural. Check out the Oddballz jersey above where they designed their jerseys and team name with a Z!


What number is the most common for custom jerseys?

The most common number used for custom jerseys is the number 1. This is due to the fact that the number one is often used to designate the team captain, scorekeeper, or the MVP star player on a team.


Other than the number 1, single digits are a much less common choice with our custom jerseys. A lot of players that do have a single digit number, such as 2 or 5, will often opt for the double digit version starting with a zero, like 02 or 05.


The most common double digit numbers used on our custom jerseys are 55, 22, 11, and other matching numbers. The least common combination of these matching digits is 66, with only 3 players opting to choose this player number!


custom jersey with 3 digit number on the back


The least commonly used number in our custom jerseys is 0, as well as triple digit numbers like 420 and 747. If you’re shopping for custom jerseys to use in a sports competition, be sure to check your league regulations, because often you are not allowed to use a 3 digit number on the back of your jersey. No wonder these 3 digit jersey numbers are so uncommonly used!



The most commonly used letters in our custom jerseys are S, L, O and T. The least commonly used letters are Z and X.

The most commonly used numbers in our custom jerseys are 1, 22, 55 and 11. The least common number used is 66 and 3 digit numbers like 747.

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