Top Picks for Hockey Team Names that Dominate the Rink

In hockey, as with many sports, your team name really becomes your identity. Choosing the perfect hockey team name can set the tone for your players and help shape how you play.

Whether you want something fierce, funny, or classic, the right name will boost morale and make your team memorable.

Here are our top picks for hockey team names that will help you dominate the rink.

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TeamGear’s Top Picks for Hockey Team Names

Ace of Skates

The Arctic Aces bring a chilling combination of speed and precision to the ice. This team name tells opposing teams that you have a cool demeanour, and dominate the rink.


Frozen Falcons

Known for their swift maneuvers and icy determination, the Falcons will strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.


Frost Force One

An intimidating name for an intimidating team that is a powerhouse on the ice!


Blades of Steel

With their steely resolve, the Blades of Steel are always ready to take on any challenge.


Permafrost Panthers

With a hockey team name like the Permafrost Panthers, you’ll leave your opponents frozen in their tracks.

black panthers hockey jersey with red accents


Rink Rulers

Show your competition who really rules the rink.


Mighty Morphin Power Skaters

The Mighty Morphin Power Skaters is a cool and unique name for a hockey team. Why not design your own custom hockey jerseys to look like Power Rangers uniforms? Get started with our design team here!



The perfect name for a team full of bros who love to play puck.


What’s Kraken?

Kraken grey jersey for hockey


Puckin' Funny

A clever play on words, this name is sure to get a chuckle from everyone.


Hat Trick Heroes

Celebrate your love for scoring hat tricks with this fun and spirited team name.


The Frozen Chosen

A fun name that shows you’re the elite team of the ice rink.


Arctic Avengers

Avengers jersey design


Frozen Assets

Highlight your team’s value on the ice with this clever name.


Stick Magnets

A funny way to describe your team's knack for attracting pucks and sticks.


The Slapshot Squad

Showcase your love for those powerful slapshots with this dynamic name.


Ice Vipers

With a deadly combination of speed, agility, and strategy, the Ice Vipers are a force to be reckoned with on the rink!


Tips for Choosing Your Team Name

When selecting a name, consider your team's personality and goals. Brainstorm with your teammates and vote on favourites to ensure everyone feels included. A great name should reflect your team’s spirit and be easy to remember and chant during games.

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