15 Ladies Slo-pitch Softball Team Names. How to pick a team name for ladies

15 Ladies Slo-pitch Softball Team Names


Get creative with your team name! Whether you're playing in a league, tournament or Fall Ball, try out some different ideas from this list and you'll find the perfect one for your ladies slo-pitch league.


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Ladies Slo-Pitch Team Names


  • DAB (divas, achiever & believers!)

cute mascot for ladies custom slo pitch jerseys

    • As a bonus, you can have a cute mascot doing a DAB move on your jerseys!


  • Bat-HER Up


  • Babes Ruthless


  • Tasmanian She Devils


  • Laces & Bases

  • Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

    • These are the ingredients to make the perfect ladies slo-pitch team name!


  • The Charmed Ones

    • The power of three will set us free. As in the power of 3 outs - that’ll retire the side.


  • Runs Like A Girl

    • Girl Power! Score those runs, show off your skills and run your hardest.


    • Damsels Not In Distress

      • You’re in your comfort zone on a baseball diamond, no distress here!


    • Belles of the Ball


    • Lady Aces

    15 Ladies Slo-pitch Softball Team Names, Lady Aces


    • The Catching Fires

      • Name your ladies team after the heroine of Hunger Games, and catch some fire this slo-pitch season.



    • Victorious Secret


    • Beauty & the Cleats




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