20 Funny and Inappropriate Slo-Pitch Team Names

Softball teams often aim for names that stand out and leave a lasting impression on and off the field. While some team names are clever and playful, others can be borderline inappropriate. At TeamGear Canada, we know how much some slo-pitch teams value a raunchy name, so we have some to share!

In this article, we delve into our top 20 funny yet inappropriate slo-pitch team names.

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Why Choose an Edgy Name?

Choosing an edgy or inappropriate name can add a sense of fun and mischief into your game. It can help break the ice and generate buzz among players and spectators. However, it's important to remember the context and audience.

Make sure that your team name is going to be taken well, and won’t be too offensive for your fans and players to say out loud!

If you prefer to have a funny but more appropriate name, check out our post with 70+ Funny Softball Team Names here!


Top 20 Inappropriate Slo-Pitch Team Names

1. Pink Tips

"Pink Tips" is a fun name for teams with a cheeky sense of humour. This name is best used for a men’s beer league, or a fun charity tournament.

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2. The Glizzy Goblins

"The Glizzy Goblins" is a playful nod to the slang term "glizzy". This team name refers to a hot dog, but can have other dirtier meanings. This name is sure to get a few laughs, but it might not be suitable for all audiences.

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3. Nads

Short, simple, and definitely suggestive, "Nads" plays on a well-known slang term. It's a name that's easy to chant but could be seen as inappropriate, especially in more formal or family-friendly leagues.

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4. The Master Batters

A playful twist on a common term in baseball, this name has a cheeky double meaning.

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5. Show us Your Hitties

Other versions of this team name include “Big Hitties”, “We love Hitties” and much more. Come up with your own, and create a custom design for your team here!


6. Ball Busters

Who doesn’t love to bust some balls, right?

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7. Pitch Slapped

A clever wordplay name that will hopefully not get you slapped!


8. Sons of Pitches

Another name that uses wordplay to create a humorous but borderline inappropriate team name. Those Sons of Pitches!

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9. Swingers

This slo-pitch team name is a playful yet suggestive one. Get in the batter’s box and take some swings.

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10. Ballz Deep

Direct and to the point, this name is sure to raise some eyebrows with its clear innuendo.

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11. The Ball Handlers

This name uses a straightforward play on words to create a super suggestive team name.


12. The Glory Holes

This name is obviously considered inappropriate in most settings, but it certainly grabs attention.


13. No Glove, No Love

This is a fun and playful team name that’s bound to get a laugh no matter where you play!


14. Cleats & Cleavage

This funn slo-pitch team name combines sports gear and a cheeky reference - what’s not to love? Cleats & Cleavage is perfect for a ladies or coed slo-pitch team name.


15. Breaking Ballz

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16. The Blow Jays

This is a great name, and the short form of your team name will be the BJ’s - bonus!

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17. Base Desires

A playful name for any beer league slo-pitch team.


18. The Beer Goggles

For the teams that can’t play without their beer goggles!


19. Sofa King Good

A name that sounds innocent until you say it quickly!


20. Yank Deez

And last but not least, the name that needs no description: Yank Deez

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Choosing a team name that pushes boundaries is always fun. Of course, don’t forget to consider your audience and make sure you choose an appropriate name for the setting.

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Balancing Fun and Appropriateness

Choosing a softball team name should be a fun process, so why not pick a fun name?

Inappropriate slo pitch team names can add a layer of humour and camaraderie to any game. Just remember that not everyone might be comfortable saying your name out loud!

If your team is registering in a well-known event like Super Series, Worlds, or Provincial Championships you may want a more family-friendly name.

Need more inspiration for your softball or slo-pitch team name? Check out our post with over 150 Team Names here!

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