70+ Funny Softball Team Names from TeamGear Canada

70+ Funny Softball Team Names: The Ultimate List to Inspire You

Choosing the right funny softball team name can set the tone for the entire season. It's not just a label; it's a badge of honour, a source of laughs, and sometimes, a bit of friendly trash talk.

For those in the softball leagues looking to add a bit of humour to their team spirit, we've compiled a list of over 70 funny softball team names to inspire you. From puns to pop culture references, these names are guaranteed to get a chuckle out of your opponents and fans alike.


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Our List of 70+ Funny Softball Team Names

1. Pitch Please

A playful challenge to opponents, hinting at the team's confidence and readiness to face any pitcher.


2. Base-ic Instincts

A clever play on words that suggests the team relies on their natural instincts on the field.


3. Bat Intentions

funny softball team name Bat Intentions custom jersey design

Implies the team has some serious plans with their bats, with a humorous nod to the phrase "bad intentions."


4. The Alcoballics

Alcoballics Anonymous custom jerseys with funny softball team names

For teams that enjoy a post-game drink, highlighting their love for both softball and a good time.


5. Hits and Giggles

Perfect for a team that doesn't take themselves too seriously and focuses on having fun.


6. Where My Pitches At?

A humorous query that plays on the camaraderie (and occasional frustration) of rounding up the team.


7. Swing and a Missus

Great for co-ed teams, adding a playful twist to the common baseball term.


8. Bunt Cakes

Bunt Cakes dessert themed jerseys with funny softball team names on the front

A sweet play on words, combining a softball tactic with a delicious dessert.


9. Glove Your Attitude

Compliments the team's positive attitude, with a nod to one of the essential pieces of equipment.


10. Strike Force

A name that implies power and readiness, with a humorous twist on military might.


11. Foul Play

Ideal for a team that loves to play on the edge and isn't afraid of a little trouble.


12. Diamond Divas

A name that celebrates the prowess of female players on the diamond.


13. No Glove, No Love

A cheeky reminder of the importance of defensive play in softball.


14. Scared Hitless

A funny take on being fearless in the game, suggesting opponents won't stand a chance.


15. Ball Busters

funny softball team names Ball Busters on a custom hoodie with lightning patterns

Implies a strong offensive team that's ready to break records and spirits with their hits.


16. Cleats and Cleavage

Emphasizing the strength and presence of women in the sport, with a fun twist.


17. Caught Looking

For a team that's as good at playing mind games as they are at playing softball.


18. Pitch Slap

A playful name that suggests the team's pitches come with a bit of attitude.


19. Homerun Homies

Perfect for a team that feels like family and aims for the fences together.


20. The Umpire Strikes Back

A humorous nod to Star Wars, ideal for a team that's ready to battle against all odds, including the umpire's calls.


21. Sons of Pitches

Sons of Pitches funny softball team names on blue custom jerseys

Suggesting a magical presence on the pitcher's mound, with a touch of humor and whimsy.


22. Dirty Sliders

A double entendre that nods to both a tricky pitch and the team's gritty playing style.


23. The Grand Salamis

The Grand Salamis custom jerseys with funny softball team name on the front

Celebrating the love for big hits and perhaps a love for hearty sandwiches post-game.


24. Base Desperados

For the team always eager to steal bases and take risks, with a nod to outlaw bravado.


25. Wrecking Balls

Wrecking Crew custom softball jerseys

A playful name implying the team’s power at bat, ready to demolish the competition. Another popular variation similar to this name is the Wrecking Crew, like the team above!


26. The Dugout Diviners

Suggesting a mystical ability to foresee and strategize from the sidelines.


27. Sultans of Swing

A musical nod for a team that prides itself on its batting skills and rhythm on the field.


28. The Run-Aways

For a team known for their speed around the bases and making quick escapes from tight situations.


29. Hit for Brains

A humorous take on being smart at the plate and making intelligent plays.


30. The Glove Affairs

Highlighting a love story with the game, particularly the defensive aspect.


31. Breaking Balls

Breaking Ballz custom softball jerseys with a funny team name

For teams that love to throw curveballs, both literally and metaphorically.


32. Bat to the Bone

A rock 'n' roll inspired name that suggests the team is as cool as they are competitive.


33. Full Counts

For a team that loves to keep the suspense and take it to the last pitch.


34. Foul Balls

Perfect for a team with a good sense of humour about their mishits.


35. Brew Crew

Brew Crew funny softball team name jerseys

Ideal for teams that bond over post-game drinks as much as they do over softball.


36. The Balking Dead

A fun twist for fans of the zombie genre who also understand a rare baseball/softball rule.


37. Field of Dreamers

For a team that holds onto the hope of making it big, one game at a time.


38. We’ve Got the Runs

Highlighting the team’s defensive skills and quick reflexes with a touch of (albeit gross) humour.


39. Diamond Disruptors

Suggesting a team that shakes up the status quo on the softball diamond.


40. The Inglorious Batters

funny softball team name The Inglorious Batters on black and gold custom jerseys

A playful take on a famous movie title, ideal for a team with a flair for drama and big hits.


41. Base Invaders

Base Invaders funny softball team names on purple full sublimation jerseys

Perfect for a team that excels at stealing bases and 'invading' the opponent's territory with skill and strategy.


42. Sunnyvale Sluggers

Sunnyvale Sluggers funny Trailer Park Boys themed team name

A nod to the beloved "Trailer Park Boys" series, ideal for fans who bring a bit of mischief to the game.


43. Pitchy Divas

For a team that combines strong pitching skills with a high dose of personality and flair.


44. The Misfit Toys

Celebrating a team of unique players who come together to create something unexpectedly great on the field.


45. Swingin’ Seniors

A lighthearted name for a team that proves age is just a number when it comes to playing and enjoying softball.


46. The Benchwarmers

The Benchwarmers funny softball team names on full button custom jerseys

A humorous take on the classic underdog story, ideal for a team with a great sense of humour about their playing time.


47. The Underdogs

underdog dingers funny softball team name jerseys with red and green christmas theme

For the team that loves to surprise their opponents by outperforming expectations.


48. The Fowl Balls

Combining a love for puns with the occasional mis-hit, this name is perfect for a team that doesn't take themselves too seriously.


49. Glove Love

Highlighting the team’s deep affection for the game, starting with the very gear that protects them.


50. Bat Attitudes

For a team that brings a fierce presence to the plate and isn’t afraid to show it.


51. Bunt Force Trauma

Bunt Force Trauma funny softball team name jerseys split black and white design

Specializing in bunts that shock and awe, leaving the opposition wondering what just hit them.


52. The Base Odyssey Explorers

Our journey around the bases is epic, filled with adventure, peril, and sometimes, the mystical act of scoring.


53. Ice Cold Pitchers

Ice Cold Pitchers funny softball team name jerseys with yellow and green stripes

Cool under pressure, our pitchers serve up throws so frosty, they could chill your post-game beverage.


54. Geezers Gang

geezers gang custom jerseys with a funny softball team name

For the aging seniors teams out there, this funny softball team name's guaranteed to get a chuckle from your opponents.


55. Swing and a Prayer

Because sometimes, that's all we have between us and a strikeout. Divine intervention welcome.


56. The Foul Ballers

Our specialty? Hitting those balls where they're least expected. Watch out in the stands—and maybe in the parking lot.


57. Mismatched Socks

Unity in diversity, especially in fashion choices. Our game strategy is as unpredictable as our attire.


58. Pitches Be Crazy

Pitches Be Crazy full button baseball jerseys

A tribute to our dynamic pitching that keeps batters guessing and sometimes sends our own catcher shrugging.


59. Bat-itude Adjustments

Our therapist suggested softball for anger management. The jury’s still out, but our swings have definitely improved.


60. Wild Pitches

Not just a description of our throwing style, but a pretty accurate summary of our team nights out.


61. The Recess Rejects

Revisiting our glory days with a bit more skill, a tad more strategy, and significantly tighter hamstrings.


62. Swingin' In the Rain

Not even a downpour can dampen our spirits—or our grip on the bat, thanks to our trusty, team-branded umbrellas.


63. The Home Plate Hoarders

Our strategy? Never let the other team get too comfortable at home. We're not just playing the game; we're playing the real estate market.


64. The Oddballs

Oddballz funny softball team names on red custom jerseys

For those teams you threw together quick before a tournament, what better name choice is there other than the misfits? The Oddballs - bringing quirkiness to every catch and character to every throw. Who says you can't be odd and on the ball?


65. The Foul Line Flirts

We play hard to get, teasing the foul line with every hit, keeping the ball—and our admirers—always guessing.


66. Hit-and-Run

That’s all you need to do right? Just hit the ball, and RUN!


67. Warning Track Power

Warning Track Power funny softball team hoodies

Living life on the edge—of the outfield. Where warning tracks are our battleground, and you better expect plenty of hits out there.


68. The Dinger Dingoes

Part wild dog, part homerun hitter. Let the dingers soar!


69. The Golden Glovers

Ironically named, considering our gloves seem to repel, not attract, softball. But they shine brilliantly in the sun!


70. The Swing-and-Missfits

We swing with all our hearts, and miss with impressive consistency. But hey, it's about the journey, not the destination. As long as you’re having fun right?


71. The Catch-22s

For every brilliant strategy we have, there's an equal and opposite blunder waiting to happen.


72. Rally Cappers

Win, lose, or draw, our rally caps are permanently affixed to our heads, because hope springs eternal.


73. Quit Your Pitchin

funny softball team name Quit Your Pitchin with custom graffiti designed jerseys

For a team that's heard every complaint in the book and decided to turn it into their battle cry on the field.


74. Jocks and Jills

custom jerseys with Jocks and Jills funny softball team name

For a coed team, use pink and blue in your jerseys to have colours everyone will like!



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