9 Creative Pop-Culture Team Names for slo pitch team names, baseball team names or softball team names

9 Creative Pop-Culture Team Names That’ll Make Your Team Stand Out

How do I pick a good team name?

A good team name should capture the group's mission, spirit, or identity. It should be creative and memorable, as well as easy to say and spell.

Adding a pop-culture reference to your team name can add a fun and creative twist, and is a great way to stand out from the crowd. It can also make your team name instantly relatable to a larger number of people, and therefore more memorable.

Pop-culture references can also help to tie multiple members of a team together, providing a shared connection that can lead to stronger team unity.

We’ve curated this list of the best and most creative team names we’ve seen that include a pop culture reference, whether it’s from a movie, TV show, or musical artist.


Check out our top 9 Creative Pop-Culture Team Names below!

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1. The (your name here) Experience

Jimi Hendrix custom baseball jersey full button made in Canada

  • This name always gets a laugh, and it’s also a reference to The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Put your name or your coach’s name in to create a memorable team name that is guaranteed to be unique.



2. The Fellowship

  • A great name for a men’s baseball team that plans to win a ring at Nationals, in reference to the first Lord of the Rings book and movie.



3. The Pawnee Rangers

  • A reference to the popular comedy show Parks and Recreation. This is also a great name for any outdoors sports, especially hunting or fishing.


4. Stranger Things

  • This reference is pretty obvious, but it does make a great team name for a last minute team where not everyone has played together before.

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5. Ghostbusters

  • A classic movie that everyone recognizes, Ghostbusters is a great name for any team. Bonus points if you’re playing Fall Ball, and you can dress up for your Halloween games!


6. The Sandlot Superheroes

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  • Or just go with The Sandlot, like the classic film. A great choice for any team wanting to capture the spirit of childhood nostalgia.



7. Schitt’s Creek - Bob’s Garage

Schitt's creek themed Canadian slo pitch jerseys with names
  • This funny reference is from the hit Canadian show, Schitt’s Creek. This is a great choice for a team that loves to have a good time, and especially for proudly Canadian teams!



8. Game of Throwns

Game of thrones themed jersey custom made in canada for baseball, softball and slo-pitch

  • Game of Throws also works, like the jerseys above. A hilarious reference to the popular TV show, Game of Thrones. This is a great team name for any softball, baseball or slo-pitch teams.



9. Benchwarmers

  • This one comes right from the movie. Despite their lack of baseball skills, the team learns to work together and eventually win the championship game. The movie is a great choice for a team name, as it is a funny reminder of the importance of working together and having a good attitude.




Pop-culture team names are a great way to add a creative and memorable element to your team name. From movies to TV shows to musical artists, there are plenty of references to choose from.


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