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EASY Scorekeeping: Why Electronic Scoreboards are Superior

Scoreboards are an essential component of any sporting event, providing spectators and players with real-time updates on the game.

Traditional scoreboards have been around for a long time, and while they get the job done, they can be challenging and expensive to maintain. With advances in technology, electronic scoreboard systems have revolutionized the way we keep score.

This blog will explore the upkeep and maintenance requirements of traditional scoreboards, the problems with them, and how the new electronic scoreboard system is the perfect solution to all of this!


Upkeep of Traditional Scoreboards

Traditional scoreboards require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them functioning correctly and visible from a distance. The components and wiring need to be inspected regularly to ensure that everything is working correctly.

If any parts are not functioning, they must be replaced, and this can get costly. Traditional scoreboards are also prone to bulb failures, which need to be replaced frequently. The cost of upkeep for traditional scoreboards can add up over time, making it an expensive investment for sports organizations and facilities.


Problems with Traditional Scoreboards

In addition to the constant upkeep required, traditional scoreboards have limited functionality, providing only basic score updates and timekeeping features.

They are also prone to errors and malfunctions, which can disrupt the game and create confusion for players and spectators. Traditional scoreboards can be challenging and expensive to maintain, making them a less attractive option in comparison to an Electronic Scoreboard.


Features of the New Electronic Scoreboard System

features of the new Multisport electronic scoreboard that uses an LED TV as the display

The new Electronic Scoreboard system is the perfect solution to the problems associated with traditional scoreboards. It is compatible with any size TV with an HDMI connection, making it easy to install in any sporting arena for events of all types.

The system has customizable options such as team names, logos, and colours, which can be easily updated to match the specific requirements of each game.

This updated scoreboard system also provides real-time scoring updates, which enhance the game experience for players and spectators. The timer and clock features are built for accuracy, making it easier to keep track of the time during the game and every play involved.


Maintenance of Electronic Scoreboards

The electronic scoreboard system is easy to maintain, with minimal upkeep required. The system is designed to be simple and easy to use, requiring only a charge of the batteries to operate. The scoreboard can last up to 7 hours from a full charge, and will stay operational when plugged in if you forgot to charge it fully.

The electronic scoreboard system has a long lifespan and durability, making it a cost-effective investment for sports organizations that pays off right away. The electronic scoreboard system has been successfully implemented in various settings, including basketball, baseball, and hockey, and includes several other sports systems for use - including both football and soccer.


Implementation of the New Electronic Scoreboard System

The installation process for the electronic scoreboard system is straightforward and easy. The system can be assembled in just minutes by following our user guide online, and referring to the FAQ for any questions you may have when using the system for the first time.




Traditional scoreboards have been a part of sports events for a long time, but they are challenging and expensive to maintain. The new electronic scoreboard system is the perfect solution, providing accurate and reliable scoring updates in real-time.

With customizable options and options that cater to a number of sporting events, the Electronic Scoreboard system is game changing technology that you should have on your side this season.


Finally time to upgrade your scoreboard game? Shop or rent our electronic scoreboard systems today or contact us.

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