How to Pick the Perfect Team Name

When coming up with a team name, it’s important to draw inspiration from many sources. Consider the team’s purpose, goals, and values. What do you want the team to stand for? How do you want the team to be seen by others?

In order to pick the perfect team name, it's important to get feedback from all of your teammates and make sure that everyone is proud of the one you choose.


Potential Sources of Inspiration

When it comes to choosing a team name, there are many potential sources of inspiration to consider. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • People: Consider naming the team after a particular individual, such as a leader or notable figure. This can serve as a way to honor a favourite player, coach or professional athlete.


pop culture team name for custom jerseys


  • Places: Choosing a team name after a particular location can make the team more recognizable and tie them to the local community. Examples of this include sporting teams that are named after their hometown or city.


Toronto custom jerseys with no team name


  • Nature or Animals: Naming a team after an animal or natural phenomenon can be a fun and creative way to represent the team. Consider animal names that embody the team’s values or traits that they want to be known for.

custom jersey team name with animal mascot


  • Pop Culture: Taking inspiration from popular culture can

    also be a great way to come up with a fun and creative team name. Consider a movie quote, TV show, or any other source that resonates with the team.

trailer park boys custom jersey team name


Brainstorming Creative Ideas

Once you’ve drawn inspiration from potential sources, it’s time to be creative. Come up with a few ideas that capture your team’s identity and values. Brainstorm with your team and get their input on what they’d like the name to be.

Consider things like:

  • How does the name sound?
  • Does it have a good ring to it?
  • Does it capture the essence of the team?
  • Does it represent the team's values?
  • Is the name easy to remember?
    • If not, consider shortening it, or creating an acronym. This team is called BFH - short for the Bat Flip Heroes, and they used their logo as an acronym to make it memorable.

custom batting jacket with team name on the front



Choose a name that is memorable and communicates what the team is all about. Consider how the team will represent and be seen by others, and pick a name that resonates with the team’s purpose and values.

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Consider the Audience and sport

Finally, it’s important to consider who the team name is for and the context in which it will be used. Consider what type of message the team name will communicate to others and if it’s appropriate for the group and its goals. For example, if you’re a sports team, avoid team names that are overly aggressive or could come off as offensive to the other team or the larger community.


Make it Memorable

When choosing a team name, pick one that is memorable and makes an impact. Finding something creative and fun can go a long way in helping the team stand out and making the group more memorable. Keep the name simple and easy to remember, and use something that captures the team’s identity and values.

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