Funny Coed Softball Team Names That Everyone Will Love

Coed softball leagues are the perfect blend of competition, fun, and camaraderie. What better way to highlight this mix than with funny coed softball team names that are guaranteed to get a laugh around the bases?

Here are some hilarious team name ideas that will make your crew the talk of the league. Plus, if you’re ready to bring these names to life, TeamGear Canada is here to help you design and buy custom jerseys that are as unique as your team.

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Our Ideas for Funny Coed Softball Team Names

Swing and a Ms.

For the team that appreciates the art of a good hit or miss, and isn't afraid to poke fun at themselves.


Trash Pandas

Trash Pandas funny coed softball team names on blue custom jerseys

Raccoons or your outfielders? Hard to tell when they're diving into the stands for that last slice of pizza.


Pitch Perfect

A nod to those who can hit the note or the strike zone—and those who are still working on it.


Bats, Beers, and Beyond

Where the game plan involves as much strategy around the cooler as it does around the bases.



the Oddballz wearing custom jerseys with their funny coed softball team name on the front

Because "normal" is just a setting on the dryer. On the field, we crank it up to "unique."


His & Hers Homers

Celebrating the power couple of softball, where both can knock it out of the park, just on different pitches.


Misfits with Mitts

A merry band of players proving that skill is optional, but fun is mandatory.


The Ball and Chain Gang

Highlighting the ties that bind—some to second base, others to their better halves.


Geezers Gang

Geezers Gang yellow custom jerseys designs

Our pre-game stretches last longer than our innings, and we consider the seventh-inning stretch our yoga for the day.


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Have You Seen My Baseball?

funny coed softball team name Have You Seen My Baseball

Perfect for the squad that spends more time searching for the ball than actually playing. "Found it!" is our most practiced call.


Cleats & Cleavage

Embracing all aspects of the game, from the footwear up, proving that style and substance can coexist.


Base Invaders

Base Invaders custom jerseys with funny coed softball team name on the front

We take "stealing bases" to a new level. Our strategy? Confuse them with charm, then sprint when they least expect it.


Schitt Show

Schitt's Creek funny coed softball team name themed jerseys

Inspired by Schitt’s Creek, we're the lovable underdogs who might not always win, but we sure win hearts. Just like the Rose family, we turn every game into an episode of heartfelt attempts and comedic outcomes.


The Love Gloves

Where catching feelings might not be as important as catching fly balls, but it's close.


Beer Pressure

Beer Pressure funny coed softball team jerseys

The only pressure we feel is deciding whether to take another swing or another sip. Spoiler: Why not both?


Spare Parts

Assembled from the leftover talent not picked for other teams. We're like a thrift store find: unexpected value with a bit of mystery.


Village Idiots

Village Idiots funny coed softball team jerseys in blue and grey

Because it takes a village... to misjudge a pop fly. We’re here to entertain and occasionally surprise ourselves with our skills.


Booze Jays

funny coed softball team names the Booze Jays on custom jerseys

A tribute to our favorite pastime: mixing baseball with a bit of barley and hops. Cheers to the team that knows how to hit both the ball and the bottle.


Bonus Idea: Design a Funny Strikeout Jersey for Your Team!

funny coed softball team names and strikeout jersey designs with a unicorn

Creating a funny strikeout jersey for your softball or slo-pitch team is somewhat of a tradition among teams. It’s a silly way to poke fun at yourselves when you strikeout, and will create hilarious memories for your team.

Ready to make a splash in your coed league? Design your custom jerseys with TeamGear Canada here, and ensure your team’s name is remembered for seasons to come.


Design Your Custom Jerseys with TeamGear

A great team name can truly set the tone for a fun and memorable softball season. Whether it’s a pun, a playful joke, or something that perfectly captures the essence of your team, choosing the right name is the first step to making this season unforgettable.

When you’re ready to wear your team name proudly, TeamGear Canada has all the custom jersey solutions you need to make sure your team stands out for all the right reasons.

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