TeamGear Canada's Full Sublimation 101: Glossary of KEY Terms

Our comprehensive guide will define the fundamental terminology of the full sublimation industry. Whether you're a custom sportswear enthusiast or want to learn more about the full sublimation printing industry, this glossary is an essential guide.

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Introduction to Full Sublimation

Before we dive into the glossary, we’ll begin with a brief introduction to full sublimation and what it entails.

One of the distinctive features of full sublimation is its ability to cover the entire garment, even traditionally blank areas like seams, collars, and cuffs.

How does sublimation work?

Full sublimation is a printing method that uses a combination of heat and pressure to infuse dyes directly into the fabric. The full sublimation process allows you to create vibrant, long-lasting, and fully customizable designs on clothing.

In the world of custom-designed clothing, team jerseys, and sportswear, full sublimation stands out as the most superior printing quality.

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Glossary of KEY Terms in the Full Sublimation Industry

Artwork Mockup

artwork mockup for full sublimation jerseys

An artwork mockup is a digital representation of how your design will appear on a garment. Mockups allow you to visualize how your custom clothing will look before production.

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Also known as: Design Mockup, Design Concept, Design Layout, Mockup Panels

Athleisure Wear

Clothing designed for both sports and casual lounge wear. Athleisure Wear includes yoga pants, track pants, leggings, comfortable jerseys and much more.

Band Collar

A band collar is a collar style that stands up straight around the neck, with no lapels or folding. This collar type is typically seen in formal attire, like dress shirts or blouses, and is a great choice for a more professional look.

custom bowling jersey with collar

Cap Sleeves

A shorter, cropped style of sleeve that provides minimal shoulder coverage. Cap sleeves are often used in ladies clothing, and are a popular choice for custom volleyball jerseys.

volleyball cap sleeves jersey

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Compression Fabric

Material designed to provide support and reduce muscle fatigue during physical activity.

Crew Neck Jerseys

Jerseys with a round neckline, as opposed to a v-neck.

blue slo-pitch jersey design

Cuffs & Waistband

Cuffs are the bands of fabric at the end of the sleeves, designed to create a snug fit around the wrist. Cuffs help provide a finished and polished look to sweaters. With full sublimation, cuffs can be printed with different colours and patterns.

The waistband is located at the bottom of the sweater or hoodie and provides a snug fit around the waist and hips. Waistbands, like cuffs, can also be printed with designs using full sublimation.

custom hoodie sweater with zipper

Cuffs & waistbands are typically an optional add-on for custom sweaters and hoodies. If you’re interested in designing your own hoodie, get started with our team here!

Custom Full Sublimation Jerseys

Personalized sports jerseys featuring unique designs, logos, and colours printed with full sublimation inks. Custom Full Sublimation Jerseys usually have player names & numbers on the back, and a custom team logo placed prominently on the front.

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Also known as: Custom Sports Apparel, Custom Sportswear, Full Sub Jerseys, Sublimation Jerseys, Custom Athletic Apparel

Cut and Sew

Cut and sew refers to the method of creating custom sportswear by cutting out fabric pieces and sewing them together to form the final garment.

Dry-Fit Fabric

Dry-Fit fabric is often used for custom jerseys, long-sleeve shirts, and lightweight hoodies. Dry-Fit typically has micro-mesh holes that help keep you cool and comfortable all day.

dry fit custom jerseys fabric

Full Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing allows ink to transfer itself permanently on fabric. This method is used to produce high-resolution, full-colour prints on custom sportswear.

Full Sublimation Printing is the best way to print designs that cover an entire garment, including cuffs and necklines.

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Also known as: Dye Sublimation, Full-Body Sublimation, All-Over Prints, On-Demand Prints

Game Jerseys

Game jerseys are the primary uniforms worn by sports teams during official matches and competitions. These jerseys are specifically designed for game-time use, with team colours, logos, and player numbers. Game jerseys represent a team's identity and are easily recognizable by fans and opponents.

Read more about the differences between Game Jerseys vs Practice jerseys in our blog.

Also known as: Game Day Apparel, Team Jerseys


A gradual transition of colour, often from light to dark or vice versa.

custom jersey design gradient

Graphic Design Software

Design software, like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW, is used to create and modify artwork before the sublimation process.

Heat Press

A heat press machine is used to transfer the sublimated design from paper to fabric by applying heat and pressure.

This final step in the full sublimation process is sometimes referred to as “curing”. The heat treatment is applied to the sublimated print, permanently bonding it to the fabric and ensuring its longevity.

Also known as: Heat Transfer Process, Heat Treating

Home & Away Jerseys

Home and away jerseys refer to the pair of distinct uniforms worn by sports teams in competitive sports. Home & Away jerseys often feature the same design but with a different colour scheme.

home and away jerseys custom

Also known as: Alternate Jerseys

Libero Jersey

A libero jersey is a specific type of jersey used in indoor volleyball. The libero is a defensive specialist player allowed to wear a different jersey from the rest of the team. Libero jerseys are typically of a contrasting colour and are designed to easily distinguish the libero on the court. They play a crucial role in differentiating the libero's role in a volleyball match.

volleyball libero jersey

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Also known as: Volleyball Libero Jersey

Mesh Panels

mesh breathable jersey fabric

Areas on a jersey with a breathable mesh fabric. Mesh panels are most often seen in custom hockey jerseys as an optional add-on.

Also known as: Side Mesh


Material that allows air circulation, keeping the wearer cool. It pulls moisture away from the skin to keep athletes dry. Some custom sportswear companies have their own terms for their moisture-wicking fabric. For example, our Premium Sport fabric, which is lightweight and durable for all sports and seasons.

moisture wicking jersey fabric

Also known as: Breathable Fabric, Lightweight Fabric

Pantone Matching System (PMS)

A colour-matching system that ensures consistent colours in printing. Pantone colour matching uses codes for specific colours in your design to accurately reproduce them during the sublimation printing process.

pantone colour swatch

Colour matching on custom jerseys is a fine art. Check out our informative post to learn the details of colour matching: What you see on screen vs. on fabric

Pinstripe Jerseys

Pinstripe Jerseys provide a classic look with thin, vertical stripes known as pinstripes. The New York Yankees white uniforms feature pinstriped jerseys and pants.

pink pinstripe custom jerseys

Also known as: Pinstripes, New York Yankees stripe jerseys

Polo Collar

The distinctive feature of a polo collar is its ability to be turned up to cover the neck, providing a smart-casual look. Polo collars add a touch of smart-casual style to a garment and is often used for sports like bowling.

custom shooting polo shirt

Polyester Fabric

Synthetic fabric known for its ability to hold vibrant colours. White polyester fabrics are most commonly used fabric for sublimation prints that are resistant to fading.

polyester fabric for custom jerseys

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Practice Jerseys

Practice jerseys are primarily worn during team practices and training sessions. They are used to distinguish teams during practice while saving the official game jerseys for actual matches.These jerseys are often made cheaper than game day jerseys, featuring simple designs and colour schemes. Some teams may also opt to wear their own personal clothing as practice jerseys, or arrange to wear matching colours.

slo-pitch team with practice jerseys

Also known as: Training Jerseys

Print Panels

A layout of the individual pieces of your garment. Each piece is sublimation printed, cut out, and then sewn together to create the final product.

full sublimation custom jerseys panels

Learn how to read and understand your Custom Jersey Print Panels & Mockups in 3 Simple Steps.

Also known as: Print Proofs, Final Mockup

Pro Team Jerseys

Pro team jerseys are the official uniforms worn by professional sports teams. They are carefully crafted by the team’s jersey supplier, and designed to reflect the team's branding. Pro teams have sponsors and other resources that pay for their pro team jerseys.

Also known as: Official Team Jerseys, Professional Jerseys

Raglan Sleeves

A style of sleeve that extends to the collar, providing greater freedom of movement. Raglan style sleeves are often seen on sweaters and jackets.

custom coach coat jacket

Replica Jerseys

Jerseys worn by supporters and fans of a sports team. Replica jerseys are typically lower-cost versions of official team jerseys. Similar to the big leagues, fans of all sports will often wear jerseys to support their local teams.

Also known as: Fan Jerseys

Sizing Chart

A guide to selecting the correct size for your custom jerseys or sportswear.

custom jersey size chart

Learn how to Use a Measurement Chart To Get Your EXACT Size When Ordering Custom Jerseys!

Also known as: Size Chart, Size Guide

Sponsor Logos

Logos of companies or brands that sponsor a sports team. Sponsors often contribute annual funds towards custom team jerseys, event fees, and more.

custom jersey sponsor logos

Also known as: Sponsor Tags

Sportswear Supplier

Companies that provide custom sports apparel and equipment.

Also known as: Custom Apparel Manufacturer, Sporting Goods Store, Sportswear Manufacturer, Sportswear Factory

Strikeout Jersey

slo-pitch strikeout custom jersey

A strikeout jersey is part of a playful tradition in many slo-pitch teams. The jersey typically features a humorous and lighthearted design, and is worn when a slo-pitch player strikes out during a game.

Strikeout jerseys often feature unicorns and bright colours, like the Oddballz Strikeout Jersey above!

Check out our list of 150+ Slo-Pitch Team Names for more design ideas!

Sublimation Ink

Sublimation ink is used in the sublimation printing process that turns into a gas under heat.

Sublimation Transfer Paper

Sublimation Transfer Paper is a special type of paper used to transfer sublimation ink to fabric. It holds the sublimated ink and is used in the heat transfer process to imprint the design onto the fabric.

Team Identity

The unique image and branding of a sports team. A team’s identity is built around their custom team colours, logos, mascots, jerseys and sponsor logos.

For more information on team colours check out our blog post on Unifying Your Team With the Right Colours

Looking to create a unique identity for your team? Consider a Team Name that Doesn’t End in S.

Also known as: Team Brand

V-Neck Jerseys

Jerseys with a V-shaped neckline. V-necks are a popular choice for baseball button-down jerseys and basketball jerseys.

full sublimation  v-neck jersey


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